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Hey, I was just checking out people interested in Subb and found this community.

I've been into Subb for a few years and yesterday I was channel flicking and saw one of their videos on the TV channel Scuzz (in the UK), rad!

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Hey Everyone . . .

Just letting you know that a new community has started up as a forum to discuss your favourite artists, genres, stories or anything else concerning music or film.

Record Runner Community

The Bio:

We're a small indie record store specializing in hard-to-find music and movies of all genres! We started this journal to field any questions you have or as a forum to discuss your favourite movies or music, post interviews, reviews, previews, pictures etc . . .

open to all . . . so join! join! join!
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A realization

So I was cruising music websites tonight and I came across some interview with Simple Plan and saw that they were from Montreal and I was like well isn't that interesting and I'm reading you know the who's who of who's in the band and I totally noticed that the two members who got booted from Reset a few years ago are now in Simple Plan. heh. Go figure.


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yay! big d and the kids table on stomp!

I just feel like no one ever posts here so I'll do.

my top 5 albums from stomp/tyrant/union :
  • the frenetics - these mistakes took years of practice
  • flashlight brown - self titled again
  • the planet smashers - no self-control
  • naked n'happy - we strongly failed
  • the undercovers - some people
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    does anyone have any info about the datson's mod all-nighter? is anyone going to it, or been to it previous years? i'm not from montreal, so i don't really know where i could find out...

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    hello, i just joined. i think the fact that there's a stomp community kicks butt, i just hope it will get a little livlier in here as time goes by. :)
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    mimi gala!

    for those who live in montreal, the MIMI gala (MIMI stands for "montreal independant musical initiative") is really important and rewards our best montreal artists.

    many artists on Stomp, Union 2112 or Tyrant are nominated and it would be really cool to vote for them....

    here's the adress to vote : http://mimi.netmusik.com/ and follow the instructions.
    thanks for supporting stomp artists!

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